Outreach Coordinator · 2016 | Speaker · 2018

Attended the "Research Opportunity Panel" as a speaker from HCI area.

Leaded the workshop in Harley High School students (all genders) to encourage them in science and tech.

Mentor · 2014

Bangladesh Science Outreach (BSO) is an attempt to encourage secondary school students in the field of science and technology with the help of creative workshop developed by university students and professionals. I worked as a mentor in the "Engineering and Technology Team".

School Liaison Officer · 2013 | Advisory Board Member · 2015

Using the very own vast network covering 32 districts, Project Kombol is one of the most organized and structured clothing drives in Bangladesh. It manages and conducts clothing drives as well as connects Dhaka based clothing projects with NGOs operating outside of Dhaka in order to help those vulnerable individuals who suffer the most during severe cold waves.

Actioneer (Volunteer) . 2011-2014

CA is a voluntary organization working with a view to helping the distressed as well as training its volunteers to be moral, influential & professional.Participation in Events:

1. Action: Guardians in the Dark – Helping visually impaired students with their studies. I've made soft copies of their reading materials so that those can be used for making braille afterwards, recorded book chapters so that the users can rewind and listen to those repetitively.

2. Action: Train to Train – Training workshop for auctioneers. By participating in it, I learnt about uplifting policies for educational system, poverty removal strategies around the world, presentation skills and much more.

3. Action: Piyaju-Beguni – Distributing food to the street children on the occasion of Ramadan to achieve a long term effect on the volunteers. This event taught me leadership, professionalism, team spirit and moral values.

4. Action: Mehedi Magic – Designing the hands of the street kids with mehedi and influencing them toward doing something important, like- going to school, cutting nails, keeping the environment clean etc. This event delighted me a lot; the designs put smiles on the faces of the kids and those smiling faces put a smile on my face too. You can read my blogpost about it.