Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dept. of CS, University of Rochester


CSC 212/412: Human Computer Interaction - (Fall'17)

CSC 210: Web Programming - (Spring'17)


Jan 2015 - Aug 2016


CSI-221: Database Management Systems - (Spring'16, Fall'15, Summer'15)

CSI-222: Database Management Systems Laboratory - (Spring'16, Fall'15, Summer'15)

CSI-309: Operating System Concepts - (Summer'16, Spring'16, Spring'15)

CSI-310: Operating System Concepts Laboratory - (Summer'16, Spring'16)

CSI-219: Discrete Mathematics - (Fall'15, Summer'15)

CSI-124: Advanced Programming Language - (Fall'15, Summer'15)

CSE-113: Electrical Circuit - (Summer'15)

CSI-236: Assembly Language Laboratory - (Fall'15)

CSI-228: Algorithm Laboratory - (Spring'15)

CSI-121: Structured Programming Language - (Summer'16, Spring'15)

CSI-122: Structured Programming Language Laboratory - (Summer'16, Spring'15)


15 Oct, 2014 - 15 Jan, 2015


CSE-301: Database Management System - (Fall'14)

CSE-302: Database Management System Laboratory - (Fall'14)

CSE/IT-305: Theory of Computation - (Fall'14)

IT-215: Object Oriented Programming II - (Fall'14)

CSE-314: Microprocessor and Marcocontroller Laboratory - (Fall'14)

CSE-202: Digital Logic Design Laboratory - (Fall'14)